PBV has moved from Utah to Duluth, Minnesota! We're ready to help your new or established business reach your eager customers with the most effective marketing tool ever invented! I'm PBV owner and videomaker Ken Schreiner and I learned my craft in Minnesota. I'm very excited to be back to its friendly folks, recreation opportunities, and vibrant, adventurous business climate. Since starting PBV in 2003, I've made hundreds of videos for an incredible variety of customers in numerous countries. Below is one from 2021, but to see all of them, go to my YouTube channel.


While PBV makes videos for businesses of all types, we specialize in manufacturing and technology. This includes the medical, energy, software, education, and outdoors industries. These projects have required PBV to create a wide variety of visual aids to tell the story including 4K/UHD camera video, digital graphics, animation, drone captures, and original music and sound effects. PBV has made videos in factories, laboratories, trade shows, and classrooms and remote outdoors locations including mountain tops, deserts, and under water.


The pandemic has presented a complex challenge to businesses of all types, including PBV. But we're experienced and flexible in dealing with whatever protocols are practiced. We'll do whatever is required to tell your story without compromising safety or quality. Call 801-674-2240 or email ken@probusinessvideo.com now to find out how I can help your business today!

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